Chiropractors in Massillon, Ohio Help Treat Auto Accident Injuries

Car accidents are a common occurrence in the United States. According to a report prepared by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, roughly 2.3 million people sustained an injury from a car accident. Traffic statistics for 2014 have yet to be released.

Some of the more common auto accident injuries include broken bones, bruises, and concussions. In such cases, immediate medical attention is necessary. Unfortunately, many injuries do not manifest until much later, even months after a car accident. Nevertheless, these injuries can be addressed by experienced chiropractors in Massillon, Ohio:


Cold Laser Therapy in Canton Allows Assorted Injuries to Heal Faster

It was billed as the “Fight of the Century”, but Mayweather v. Pacquiao fell well short of expectations. After the fight, Manny Pacquiao revealed that he was still recovering from a rotator cuff injury he sustained during his training regimen prior to the fight. Naturally, the injury limited what Pacquaio was able to do in the ring.

Many people may see a rotator cuff injury as a common injury among boxers, but physicians warn people that rotator cuff injuries are likely to happen while doing everyday tasks like lifting heavy materials or repetitive shoulder movements. In fact, the risk of sustaining a rotator cuff injury increases as you age, due to weakening muscle groups in the shoulder.

Your Local Chiropractor Can Treat Excruciating Text Neck Conditions

Smartphones nowadays are some of the most versatile and powerful devices anyone can have. These mobile devices combine a lot of functionality and features into a single, handy package, and they are extremely user-friendly due to the popularity of touch screen features. While almost everyone enjoys using smartphones, they can cause some serious muscle pain in the neck, which medical experts have christened as “text neck”.

Massillon Chiropractic Care with the MR4 ACTIV Cordless Laser by MRM

Here at Belden Village Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve the Massillon chiropractic care we provide to our patients. This includes keeping ourselves updated with technologies for the treatment of conditions within our services.

Multi Radiance Medical (MRM) has a product called MR4 ACTIV Cordless Super Pulsed Laser. Let’s refer to it simply as MR4 ACTIV. We’ll be taking a closer look at this device to find out why it’s an innovative solution for a chiropractor in Massillon, Ohio, as well as the whole industry.

Chiropractors in Canton, Ohio Use Cold Laser to Resolve Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia, which is a very painful type of injury common among runners. It is caused by any leg motion that pulls the plantar tendon, like walking up or down the hill, running on toes, wearing high heels, or climbing up the stairs.
Those who suffer from this condition describe the pain as though the bottom of their heel is being pricked by needles with every step, especially in its advanced stages. The pain lingers all day even when sitting down, standing up, or lying down. However, recent studies have shown that cold lasers can provide relief to those suffering from this injury. Trusted chiropractors in Canton, Ohio at the Belden Village Chiropractic Wellness Center use FDA-approved cold laser to treat patients with plantar fasciitis.

Cold Laser Therapy in Canton and Patient Satisfaction for Treatments

People who have developed back pain are presented with a multitude of options for treatments. Unfortunately, not all of them really help, or at least don’t have the same level of effectiveness. Because of this, the Health Ratings Center of Consumer Reports, an independent non-profit organization that provides products and services comparison for consumers, surveyed over 14,000 of its subscribers. These respondents are people who have experienced lower back pain within a year but had never gone through back surgery.

Chiropractor Providing Laser Therapy in Canton to Lecture in Hartford

Dr. Brent Ungar, owner of Belden Village Chiropractic & Wellness Center, which provides laser therapy in Canton, will be a featured speaker discussing “Translating Evidence Based Science into Clinical Practice” in Hartford, Connecticut on May 2, 2015. The event is sponsored by Multi Medical Radiance, an international company specializing in the development and manufacture of laser-based devices for therapy. The objective is to provide chiropractors with a more in-depth knowledge of cold laser therapy and its application in clinical practice to aid their patients’ healing and recovery.

Cold laser therapy, also known as low level laser therapy, uses specific wavelengths of light in tissue repair, pain control and healing. By stimulating the cells in the body, cold laser speeds up recovery and reduces pain. In addition, it enhances the patient’s flexibility, reduces swelling and arthritic pain, as well as improves blood circulation.

Massillon Chiropractic: Giving Nutritional Advice for Optimal Health

When people visit established Massillon chiropractic centers, or practices closely by Massillon like Belden Village Chiropractic and Wellness Center, pain relief is often their primary motivation. Chiropractors help a lot in easing the discomfort of those suffering from conditions like lower back pain, migraines, and others. Although focused on using spinal adjustments and manipulation to fix many problems, chiropractors are also keen on providing nutrition counseling to their patients.

Importance of Proper Nutrition

Skilled chiropractors in Massillon, Ohio and Canton, Ohio treat a wide array of painful conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, and osteoarthritis. While many of these conditions can be treated with the help of chiropractic techniques, chiropractors are also aware that some of these conditions stem from inflammation of muscles and tissues. A dietary change can help reduce the inflammation, resulting in long-term pain relief, and better health in the long run

A North Canton, Ohio Chiropractor Can Help in Easing Your Neck Pain

With today’s lifestyle of constantly hunching over the phone or tablet, the numbers of people experiencing neck pain─ a condition that already afflicts millions of Americans ─ would inevitably seem to increase in the coming years. According to the American Osteopathic Association, over 65 percent of Americans aged 18 to 34 had admitted to experiencing chronic neck pain, yet 60 percent of them had not seen a medical professional to relieve it.

People nowadays seem to have become accustomed to pain; another survey conducted by the AOA saw that one in two Americans accepted that pain is an inevitable part of life and of the natural aging process. No one, however, needs to suffer from chronic neck pain when not only are there medical treatments readily available, but there are also alternative methods offered by reliable North Canton chiropractors to remedy it.

Experienced Chiropractors in Canton, Ohio Help Make Your Pain Go Away

Back pain plagues a lot of people. Ranging from minor discomfort to debilitating soreness, the adverse consequences of backaches can be hard to ignore. Surgery is a common mode of treatment, but professional chiropractors in Canton, Ohio may be able to provide a sufferer with a non-surgical option. Using chiropractic techniques, a chiropractor can help ease the pain in your lower back, and even in your other body parts. In fact, you won’t be alone; around 22 million Americans visit chiropractors annually, with 35% of them citing back pain relief as their reason.

Chiropractic Basics

How exactly does chiropractic care work? Originally developed in 19th century, chiropractic techniques were initially focused on “spinal adjustment.” This is because practitioners believe that many of the aches and pains that people suffer from can be traced to pinched nerves in the spine.